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"Your mind is at work all day, every day. Every decision you make, every challenge that you face, every moment you go through in life, your mind is your constant companion...and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy."-Christopher Lloyd Clarke

More and more people are beginning to realize that one’s quality of life depends

largely on one’s quality of mind.  There are many different ways to improve

one's mind-body-spirit connection.  Evidence-based modalities such as stress

relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, guided imagery and meditation

have been used to obtain both mental and physical benefits.  Meditation

consistently stands at the top of the list as a mind-body-emotional-spiritual

improvement modality.  Here are some meditation websites which offer a variety

of options with the intent of improving one's quality of mind and life.  Hopefully,

this list will help you find the one that is the right fit for you.

Magical living

This free online guided meditation site has a lot to offer its users. It comes loaded with information on meditation techniques to help you get the most out of meditating including the benefits that you will receive from using guided meditating. This has a lot of different features and will help you to learn how to use your inner voice while meditating.

Mastery of Meditation, Yoga, and Zen Practice

This free online guided meditation site is updated almost daily and great for beginners or the experienced person. There is a lot to choose from on this site and even offers free e-books, free online yoga classes, and a lot more information to help you with meditating. This site is great and offers a lot of up to date information as well as great information on other things that will also help you beyond meditation.

Easy Meditation

Discover how to start meditating including the best meditation methods for beginners. Find out about the different meditation techniques available to you.

Free Guided Meditation Resources

Listen to free guided meditations to help reduce your stress and feel greater wellbeing and happiness. The audio meditations are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. This is a quality free information site with no intrusive advertising.


Find yourself, find your strength. Meditations2Go offers a wide selection of fully immersive, guided audio meditations designed for today’s stresses, challenges & life-lessons. Available both as MP3 downloads & on Audio CDs, these powerful yet easy-to-follow meditations help return you to your clarity, fullness, and peace.

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Center for Meditation           


Transcendental Meditation


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Sounds True




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